Earth's Poetry's Pick Up Policy

Earth's Poetry Pick Up Location

As we are currently an online store, we do not have a physical location where we sell all of our products.  Therefore, we offer our local customers a public pick up location option free of charge. The location will be provided via email once you have placed your order.


Pick Up Policy

Please be sure to select the exact time and date that you will pick up your order.  Unless you have contacted us via email, we will be unable to reschedule your order pick up once you have set the date and time. Failure to pick up your order will result in a refund minus restocking fee of 10% or $10.00 (whichever is more).  As our time is just as precious as yours, there will be no exceptions of this penalty if you have not picked up your order within 3 days of your requested date and time. Please be aware that the pick up location WILL NOT be changed. We CANNOT meet you at your location.  If you cannot make it to Morrow, GA, then shipping may be a more convenient option for you.

Please provide your ID or your order confirmation number when you come to pick up your order.